Why adsense revenue peaks in December?

Why adsense revenue peaks in December?

I never had a courage to take adsense revenue seriously untill I started earning an average of 8 dollar per day since February. I still am not sure I would be able to make 100$ per day anytime soon. But today I am going to share something about adsense I have discovered just a while ago.

Last year in December I was a bit puzzled when I saw my adsense earning going at a rate of 6 to 13 dollar per day, because throught the year it was just 0.2 to 1.5 dollar per day for the same page view rate and impressions. I didn't give much thought about it then. But today when I saw the same pattern again I had to do some research. Because a couple days ago I started placing ads in some pages of this site and I wasn't expecting any revenue atleast for some months but even those new pages are generating 0.5 dollar per day sometimes.

I have found that adsense revenue peaks in the month of December. But why?

The following are some probable reasons as to why adsense revenue peaks in December:

  • Advertisers are more keen

    The volume of Advertisers increase in the month of December compared to various other times of year. Advertisers show more interest as December is the Year's final month with the christmas approaching and people planning vacations, marriages and parties. So the bids get higher which leads to higher cost per click(CPC) or cost per impression(CPM). This is usually how advertising works in all sorts of media.

  • People are more interested

    People are more interested in buying things. People are also found to more interested in various seasonal things - like people in countries with tax-deductible charity donations and tax years that match the calendar year (like the US) making year-end charity donations.

  • Biggest commercial event of the year in many countries

    December is a huge boost due to coinciding factors and the biggest commercial event of the year in many countries. January is a relatively huge drop compared to average - so a really, really huge drop compared to December.


Ratul Doley
Ratul Doley
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