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ML Kit project Sample Downloads

These tested sample projects are provided for downloads for you to save your time from fixing errors and assembling the utility files. The google-services.json file is not provided. You will have to generate your own file by creating a project at firebase console and include it in the project's app directory. The gradle files are not provided. So you cannot import the project directly to Android Studio. So inorder to run the projects, you may follow the following two steps:

  1. Create a project in firebase and download the google-services.json file.

  2. Create a project in Android Studio with same package name as the firebase project and copy the google-services.json to the app directory. Then copy all the files in the project and implement appropriate firebase libraries and permisions as described in their respective tutorial @

Download Links:

ML Kit Smart Reply

ML Kit Cloud Landmark recognition

ML Kit Language detection

ML Kit Cloud Image Labeling

ML Kit Cloud Document text recognition

ML Kit Barcode recognition

ML Kit Cloud text recognition

ML Kit Face recognition

ML Kit On-device image labeling

ML Kit On-device text recognition

You may also refer to this repo for the source codes.